Environmental Law Practice Group

Cleantech Law Partners is a leader in advising clients on environmental law matters.  Our attorneys help clients navigate the complex landscape of federal, state, and international environmental laws and regulations.  We have experience representing alternative energy companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations.

• Environmental litigation

• Environmental due dilligence

• Compliance with Federal and State Environmental Laws, including:

      - National Environmental Policy Act

      - Endangered Species Act

      - Clean Air Act

      - Clean Water Act

      - California Environmental Quality Act

      - California Coastal Act

      - Environmental and Land Use Permitting

      - Greenwashing claims and laws (i.e., FTC green guidelines)

      - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

      - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

      - Toxic torts

Areas of Expertise:

Representative Matters:

• Winning a May 2011 court order to stop dredging in wetlands on the coast of California

• Advising on c ompliance with public utilities laws in South Dakota

• Analyzing climate change regulations overseas

• Drafting contracts for up to $60 million to sell RECs and energy

• Analyzing litigation exposure of solar plants on federal lands

• Successfully negotiating to protect parklands from development in San Francisco

• Advocating to protect old-growth redwoods in Northern California

• Analyzing land-use issues related to transmission lines for alternative energy

For more information, please contact James Birkelund, Director of CLP’s Environmental Law Practice Group: environmental@cleantechlaw.com, or call 866.233.8064