China considers climate change legislation

China is considering putting climate legislation on its legislative agenda, according to a draft resolution on climate change recently submitted to the national Legislature.
China’s proposed climate change legislation, which will  make emissions control mandated by law, is expected to give the country more negotiating power in the upcoming international climate change talks in Copenhagen.
“China will draw up new laws and regulations to provide a legal basis for combating climate change,” said Wang Guangtao, director of the legislature’s environment and resource protection committee.
If enacted, the law would provide China with “legally binding actions” to fight the illegal emissions, said Zhang Jianyu, China program head of the US-based Environmental Defense Fund.
“China already has a bunch of laws and regulations related to climate change and environmental protection, but the climate legislation will give the forces fighting global warming more legal power,” Zhang said.
Existing laws and regulations related to climate change and environment protection – such as the Energy Saving Law, Renewable Energy Law, and the Circular Economy Promotion Law – should be revised to better combat global warming, according to the draft resolution, which is expected to be passed on Thursday.
The draft legislation also calls for the improvement of the country’s ability to adapt to climate change with monitoring and early warning systems, urges preparation against extreme weather and climate disasters, speed up research, development and promotion of key technologies in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean energy and low-carbon energy, and calls for specific plans and policies to develop a “green economy” and a low-carbon economy, including increasing “green investment,” and advocating “green consumption” and “green growth.”
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