California approves landmark renewable energy law

Last night, the California legislature approved SB 14, which requires all energy providers to buy 33% of their energy from clean renewable energy sources by 2020.
Supporters say that the bill will make California’s renewable energy standard one of the most aggressive in the world.
Current laws limit the amount of renewable energy that the Public Utilities Commission may mandate utilities to buy or build to 20 %. SB 14 removes that cap and requires utilities to acquire 33 percent of their electricity from renewable resources by 2020.
If signed by the Governor, the bill promises to provide an immediate response to the threat of global warming, cut air pollution, reduce dependence on foreign energy, and help limit the threat of another energy crisis.
However, the LA times reports that the Governor will veto the bill due to heavy pressure from utility companies. (See
Electricity generation now accounts for 32% of California’s gross carbon dioxide emissions. Emissions from the electricity sector are increasing twice as fast as emissions from any other sector, including transportation.
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