NY legislators to discuss feed-in tariff at public forum

Members of the New York State Legislature and a panel of policy experts, financiers and clean energy investors from across the country will hold a public forum on February 4 to discuss the case for developing a feed-in tariff for New York State.
Supporters of the initiative say that a cutting-edge feed-in tariff has the potential to transform New York State into a leading center for renewable-energy investment and job creation. This incentive policy, widely adopted throughout Europe and emerging in parts of North America, was recently introduced in both houses of the state Legislature.
The feed-in tariff is an incentive policy that has been effective in attracting investment for clean power development. Feed-in tariffs enable small and large independent generators, using a variety of clean technologies such as wind and solar, to sell the power that they produce over the long-term at rates that guarantee attractive and predictable returns.
The public forum, entitled Empire State Feed-In Tariff: A Policy to Make New York a Clean Energy Capital, will bring together an expert panel of lawmakers, investors and policymakers that will discuss the feed-in tariff’s potential implications for New York’s clean-energy economy. The bills’ sponsors, State Senator Antoine Thompson of Buffalo and Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi of Queens, will deliver the forum’s opening remarks.
The event will take place on February 4, 2010, 6:30p.m. at The Cooper Union, 41 Cooper Square, NYC.  For more information, please click here.
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