Nebraska adopts new wind law

Nebraska has adopted a new law that will encourage the development of more wind farms in order to export generated power out of state.  The bill, LB 1048, was introduced last year by the Nebraska Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee, and signed into law yesterday by Governor Dave Heineman.

The new law will establishing a system for the Nebraska Power Review Board to approve renewable energy projects that export power out of state.  Nebraska is seen as one of the most promising US states for wind energy potential, but is only 24th best in terms of production.
Previously, the Board had to consider projects in terms of their necessity for producing power for domestic consumption.  The new law provides an exemption to this requirement for projects using solar, wind, biomass, or landfill gas resources. The projects must export at least 90% of their power out of state, under a power purchase agreement of at least 10 years in length.
“This legislation marks the beginning of accelerated wind energy development in Nebraska,” said Gov. Heineman,“this legislation combined with previous wind energy efforts, will allow Nebraska to achieve its wind energy potential. Wind energy development will foster growth of the new clean energy economy, and provide meaningful employment and educational opportunities for Nebraskans.”
While requiring at least 90% of power generated to be exported out of state, the new law does require that at least 10% of the generated energy be offered for sale to Nebraska’s major energy suppliers.
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