Brazil’s Paraiba Passes Renewables Support Bill

Brazil’s Paraiba state Committee on Constitution, Justice (CCJ) approved on Wednesday a bill project for the state renewable sector.

The bill establishes the Wind and Solar Incentive of Generation and Energy Utilization State Policy. The proposal aims to promote investments into solar and wind power generation capacity and boost the technological development of photovoltaic (PV) and thermal-solar energy self-consumption systems.

Under the 531/2015 law, Paraiba intends to stimulate the establishment of companies specialised in the installation and maintenance of solar panels and wind towers. This will create jobs and bring revenue for the state economy, says the government press release.

The new law comes in line with the state’s strategy to take advantage of its strong solar and wind potential, common in Brazil’s northeastern region, said Paraiba’s¬†Legislative Assembly president, Adriano Galdino.


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