Hassan Signs Solar Bill into Law, Giving Boost to Renewable Developers

Solar power in New Hampshire cleared a major hurdle Monday after Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill into law that doubles the state cap for net metering, an incentive that lets people sell their excess solar energy back into the grid.

A surge in renewable development recently led two utilities in the state – including the largest in New Hampshire – to reach a state-set cap limiting how many customers can net meter.

Solar developers said the cap threatened business and could shut -down the industry, because net metering is makes their projects financially viable.

The bill Hassan signed immediately doubles the net metering cap from 50 to 100 megawatts. It also requires the Public Utilities Commission to review current net metering rates and set new ones within 10 months, if deemed necessary.

Utilities and some business groups have said solar customers don’t pay their fair share for pole and wire upkeep because of the net metering reimbursement.

While net metering is most often discussed as a solar incentive, it can also be used by wind and hydropower projects.


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