UAE, U.S. and Israel to Develop Joint Energy Strategy

The US, UAE and Israel have announced their intention to work towards establishing a joint strategy for greater co-ordination in the energy industry.

The Ministry of Energy of the State of Israel, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of the UAE and the US Department of Energy have agreed to develop an energy partnership that drives innovation and prosperity and that they claim will ‘help solve the energy challenges facing the Palestinians’.

They acknowledge the benefits of focusing on pragmatic steps that have tangible outcomes, agreeing to encourage greater coordination in the energy sector, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, oil, natural gas resources and related technologies as well as water desalination technologies.

They state: “Together, our dynamic economies will look to leverage world-leading research and development capacities to meet the needs of current and future generations. We will also seek to find solutions to the energy challenges faced by the Palestinian people through the development of energy resources, technologies and related infrastructure.”

“To maximise the global benefits of co-operation, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States are committed to exploring collective activities in multilateral settings in coordination with financial institutions and the private sector to enhance international investment in research and development and the rapid adoption of new energy technologies.”


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