Greece Supports Rooftop PV and Residential Storage

Launched in November, the “saving-autonomous” program is currently seeing strong interest from homeowners. The program has an €850 million budget and is intended at enabling around 600,000 homeowners to make their houses more energy-efficient by 2030. It includes the installation of a rooftop PV system in the frame of a renovation project.

Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy is reporting strong interest from homeowners for the “saving-autonomous” initiative, an €850 million house renovation program aimed at enabling 600,000 homeowners to make their houses more energy-efficient by 2030.

This week, the ministry started receiving applications for the Attica region. “In the first five minutes, after the start of operations, about 10,000 applications were submitted to the system,” it stated. “The platform closed at 10:50 in the morning and 17,673 applications were submitted, of which 8,702 were approved.” The average grant for the approved applications was around €16,600.

The Greek government will open the platforms for the regions of central Greece and the Peloponnese tomorrow.

The scheme enables homeowners to include the installation of a rooftop PV system, a residential battery, a smart power management system, and a charger for electric vehicles. These and other interventions, such as thermal insulation, windows replacement, and the use of thermal solar collectors, are intended at reducing the energy consumption of all interested houses by around 9%.

Greece had approximately 2,763 MW of installed solar power capacity at the end of 2019, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Last year, newly deployed PV capacity reached about 111 MW. The Greek solar market has returned to growth via public tenders and moves by organizations to embrace PV to reduce costs and hit sustainability goals.

Plans for solar projects in the country’s mining regions have also started to dominate headlines. Utility PPC’s goal is to install a massive, 2 GW solar project in Ptolemaida in the Kozani region of northern Greece and a 1 GW installation on the Peloponnese peninsula in the south of the nation.


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