Mozambique Interested in Renewable Energy Projects

Mozambique’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Ernesto Max Tonela, noted on Thursday that besides natural gas exploration, the country is expanding into renewable energy and investors are interested in these projects.

“We have noted with great satisfaction a greater appetite from national and international companies to invest in renewable energy projects that are under development in Mozambique,” the minister said during his speech at the Portugal-Africa business seminar “Exporting ‘Green’ – Internationalisation of companies in the era of sustainability,” organised by the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the European Union, which is being held in virtual format from Lisbon today.

“Over the next four years, we expect to increase power generation capacity by over 600 megawatts, of which 30 percent is linked to solar and wind power in medium-scale projects,” the minister pointed out, noting that “clean energy will play an important role in Mozambique’s economy through private energy use projects that stimulate economic growth, increase household income and reduce poverty, especially in rural areas.”

The aim, the minister said, is that “1.5 million people are connected to mini-grids and solar home systems in the next four years,” which is, he added, “a good opportunity for the private sector as they benefit from non-repayable funding for risk initiatives, allowing a competitive return.

During his speech, Tonela noted the “strong support of Portugal and the European Union in strengthening the energy sector, particularly in renewable energy,” and invited Portuguese companies “to bring ‘know-how’ and establish investments in this area in Mozambique.


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