Some Kansas Solar Customers to Get Refunds

The Kansas Corporation Commission says solar customers who paid demand charges should get refunds. It was one of two petitions the KCC ruled on today.

They are linked to a February order directing Evergy to put its residential distributed generation (DG) customers back on a two-part standard rate design eliminating a controversial demand charge.

In a two-part petition for reconsideration, Vote Solar, Climate & Energy Project, and the Sierra Club requested the Commission reconsider its earlier decision of not requiring Evergy to refund customers for charges collected under the previous three-part rate. The KCC reviewed the case and decided refunds are appropriate.

Secondly, solar advocates sought reconsideration of the Commission’s decision to maintain the separate residential DG classification, stating it would deny DG customers an opportunity to participate in alternative rate offerings. In response, Evergy agreed to make optional rates, minus the Time of Use pilot, available to DG customers. The Commission found that was an acceptable solution.

A group of electric companies, Evergy, Southern Pioneer, Liberty-Empire, and the KEC Group, filed a petition seeking clarification of the previous order. The group asked if they could propose rates to cover the costs of different or additional services provided to DG customers.

The KCC clarified that the order does not prevent a utility from identifying other distinct services received by residential DG customers that may justify an added charge to offset any subsidy received by DG customers in a non-discriminatory way.

Today’s order can be viewed by clicking here.


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