Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Team Up to Export “Green Energy” to Europe

Azerbaijan has significant potential for developing renewable energy sources. Kazakhstan, aims to become a “green” energy hub by using its vast deserts to build solar and wind stations. Uzbekistan, with a growing economy and ambitious development plans, views “green” energy as the key to a sustainable future. The Caspian Sea region has substantial potential for wind energy production, estimated at 157 GW, which significantly exceeds the demand in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan plans to increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in its energy balance to 24% by 2026 and to 30% by 2028. The economic potential of the country’s RES is 27 GW, including 3,000 MW from wind and 23,000 MW from solar energy.

Kazakhstan aims to increase the share of renewable energy in its total power generation to 6% by 2025 and to 10% by 2030. RES should constitute at least half of total energy consumption by 2050. Kazakhstan’s wind potential exceeds 1.82 trillion kilowatt-hours per year, while solar energy reaches 1 trillion kilowatt-hours.

The government of Uzbekistan aims to boost the share of RES in total electricity production to 25% by 2030. The potential for wind energy in Uzbekistan is 520 GW, and solar energy potential is 2.058 trillion kWh.

Considering this potential, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan can become the driving force behind Europe’s energy transition by providing clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy.

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