Minnesota Legislature Passes Energy Infrastructure Permitting Act to Streamline Clean Energy Projects

The Minnesota Legislature has enacted the Energy Infrastructure Permitting Act, a new law designed to expedite the state’s clean energy permitting processes. This legislation aims to eliminate redundancies and allocate funds to optimize rooftop solar permits, supporting Minnesota’s goal of achieving 100% carbon emissions-free energy by 2040.

The Act introduces clear and consistent timelines for permit reviews, eliminates delays and duplication, and mandates state agencies to identify and resolve issues early in the process. It allows Public Utilities Commission (PUC) staff to determine application completeness, bypassing the need for full Commission review. It also removes the requirement for a separate Certificate of Need proceeding for projects deemed prudent and necessary by the PUC.

Moreover, the Act consolidates separate permitting processes for renewables, storage, and small transmission into a single streamlined procedure, and integrates existing PUC permit laws and rules into a unified statute. It maintains public engagement opportunities while reducing permitting timelines.

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