Pakistan Aims to Generate 60 % of its Energy from Clean and Renewable Energy Sources by 2030

Pakistan has set an ambitious target to generate 60 percent of its energy from clean and renewable energy sources by 2030.  The goal is part of a broader strategy to transition toward sustainable energy, which includes a significant push for solar and wind power development, given the country’s substantial potential in these areas.  Additionally, Pakistan plans to have 30 percent of its vehicles running on electricity by the same year, aligning with global environmental targets and efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Minister of State for Power Ali Pervaiz Malik reiterated the government’s commitment to pursue renewable energy projects in a brief video message on Wednesday while categorically denying any decision to impose duty or tax on solar panels.  Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is committed to renewable energy projects,” Malik said in his message.  “So far, there has been no decision related to the imposition of any tax or duty on solar panels or to generate money by imposing a tax on electricity production by people who have installed these panels,” he added.

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