Sustainability Policy

Cleantech Law Partners, PC (“CLP”) aims to meet the needs of our clients today without compromising the needs of future generations. We pledge not only to minimize our carbon footprint but to pursue a future where economic and environmental interests are compatible. Our passion for renewable energy and clean technology demonstrates our commitment to sustainable living.

Cleantech Law Partners pursues sustainability through the businesses we represent, the practices we implement, and the organizations we advance.  Here some examples of how we actualize our philosophy of sustainability:

1. Our clients are renewable energy and cleantech companies providing goods and services either through sustainable processes or for sustainable purposes. These clients include developers of wind, solar, and geothermal energy projects, producers of green technologies, and providers of green financial, engineering, and installation services, among others.

2. Our firm relies on electronic media for secure data transfer and storage to avoid using paper and printers, and if materials cannot be transferred or stored electronically, our attorneys recycle those materials. Our firm also relies on audio and video conferencing to minimize business travel.

3. Our attorneys offer their time and resources as founders, members, and contributors to help advance sustainability-centered organizations, including the Center for Sustainable Design Studies at Prattt Institute, Global Change Foundation, Green Pro Bono, Lawyers for a Sustainable Future, the Colorado Solar Energy Industry Association and Rising Tide Initiative.

4. As of June 1, 2011, Cleantech Law Partners was certified as a B Corporation. B Corporations, like Cleantech Law Partners, make business decisions that benefit society and the environment, not just shareholders. Certified B Corporations must take and score an 80 or higher on the “B Impact Rating System” that assesses social and environmental performance. B Corporation members are also required to adopt the “B Corporation Legal Framework” designed to expand corporate transparency and accountability beyond what is required from traditional corporations.

5. Local Purchasing Policy: CLP tries its best to purchase all its supplies and products locally (i.e., within 200 miles of our offices). A local purchasing strategy or policy refers to prioritizing local purchases of materials directly embedded in goods sold, and/or additional materials that help the company function, ie. office supplies. In so doing, we hope to reduce our environmental footprint, encourage community growth, and support companies that employ local workers. Implementation of a local purchasing strategy demonstrates CLP’s commitment to promote social, cultural, and financial capital within our local communities.

For more information about CLP’s Corporate Sustainability Policy, please contact our Corporate Sustainability Officer at