Arizona May Resurrect Efforts to Commit to 100% Carbon-Free Electricity

Arizona energy regulators worked for years on requirements to direct the state’s transition to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by [...]

Arizona Bills Threaten ‘Showdown’ Over 100% Clean Energy Rules

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Arizona Regulators Pass Rule for 100% Clean Energy by 2050

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A Rundown of Ballot Results With Clean Energy Implications

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Arizona Outlines Possible Path to 100% Clean Power by 2050

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Renewable Energy at Center of Race for Arizona Utility Board

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Discriminatory Rooftop Solar Charges May Violate Antitrust Law

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States Clean Energy Policies Remain Strong Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Arizona Commission Signals Support for 100% Clean Energy by 2050

Arizona could join 16 other states and territories that have targets of 100% clean or renewable electricity by 2050 [...]

Arizona Policy: Commission Extends PURPA Solar Contract Terms to 18 years

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) voted to reject a request from the state’s investor-owned utilities to set two-year contract [...]