Japan to Tackle Red Tape to Boost Renewable Energy

Japan plans to cut approval times for wind projects, open up abandoned farmland, boost grid capacity and other measures [...]

Japan Minister: Renewable Energy to be ‘Major Power Source’

Hiroshi Kajiyama, Japan’s economy minister, said he wants to make renewable energy a “major power source” for the country [...]

Japan Set to Push Past 2030 Renewable Energy Target

A predicted investment of over $US100 billion ($A139 billion) in solar and wind power over the next decade is [...]

Japan Reviewing Power Line Rules to Bolster Renewable Energy

Rules on the use of power transmission lines are being reviewed in order to accelerate the expansion of renewable [...]

Japan to Shift From Coal to Renewable Energy

Japan’s industry minister says his ministry plans to study drawing up a roadmap to reduce coal-fired power generation, while [...]

Japanese Energy Policy: Renewable Energy Subsidies Wane

Renewable energy loses steam as Asian subsidies wane:  Capacity growth slows, and coronavirus risks disrupting supply chains. Global capacity for renewable [...]

Fukushima Energy Policy: Plans to Power Region With 100% Renewable Energy

In 2011, the Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima experienced one of the worst meltdowns in history — a [...]

Malaysia Aiming for 20 Percent Renewable Energy Use by 2025

The government is seeking to increase the country’s target of renewable energy generation to 20 percent in the next [...]

China Pushes Regions to Maximize Renewable Energy Usage

China’s parliament will send inspection teams throughout the country to ensure regions are prioritizing renewable energy resources, the official [...]

Shift to Renewable Energy in Korea

Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has announced a draft of the country's long-term energy master plan which [...]