Australia passes carbon tax

Australia has passed carbon tax legislation. The Gillard government led by Prime Minister Julia Gillard will now implement a [...]

6 Energy policy topics for US presidential candidates

As the US heads into the process of electing its next President, many subjects and issues will be debated. [...]

US Supreme Court grants authority once again to the EPA, despite lobbyist efforts

By Donna Artusy; Cleantech Law Partners The Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. US EPA 549 U.S. 497 (2007) is once [...]

CA groundbreaking climate law put on hold

A San Francisco superior court judge has put California’s sweeping plan to curb greenhouse gas pollution on hold, saying [...]

Regulation of climate emissions heads to the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court said Monday it would consider a key global warming case over the right of US states [...]

California voters protect the state’s strong climate change law

The fight over Proposition 23, the ballot initiative to suspend California’s global warming law, “will definitely be a David [...]

EPA’s efforts to regulate CO2 challenged in court

The Obama administration’s move to curb greenhouse gases using the Environmental Protection Agency has drawn legal challenges from more [...]

New law could make Australia’s Capital Territory carbon neutral by 2060

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Labor Government said today that it will set targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions [...]