Chile Ventures Into Concentrated Solar Power to Meet Renewable Energy Vows

Rising out of Chile’s Atacama desert, the half-built Cerro Dominador solar tower reflects the challenge the South American country [...]

Latin America Pledges 70 Percent Renewable Energy, Surpassing EU

The plan is meant to put Colombia and eight others in leadership roles ahead of the U.N. climate change [...]

Chile Taps ‘White Gold’ for Security of Energy Supply

Chile is home to a massive 10.3 million tons of lithium reserves, most of which is found in the [...]

Policies Driving Renewable Energy Growth in Latin America

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Chile is Producing so Much Solar Power it has to Give it Away

A slump in copper mining means there is more power than is required in some parts of the country [...]

Chile’s Roadmap to a Renewable Future

Recent changes in legislation concerning energy generation in Chile could give the renewables market a significant boost. In the [...]

Chile Passes Electricity Transmission Law Benefitting Solar

Chile has aggressively moved forward on an electricity transmission law which benefits solar, as well as other sources of energy. Following [...]

Chile Gets Cleaner at a Profit with Renewable Energy Push

Policies favoring clean energy and increased competition would normally dim prospects for existing producers. Not in Chile, where foreign [...]

POWER Digest July 2014

Chile Banks on Renewable Capacity Expansion, Energy Efficiency. Chile in mid-May released a $650 million investment plan to reduce [...]

Chilean President Piñera Signs 20/25 Law

On October 14th, 2013, Chilean President Sebastian Piñera signed into law a bill which mandates that utilities source 20% [...]