President Obama to Make Energy Efficiency a Key Strategy to Tackle Climate Change

Today President Obama is announcing important new commitments and executive actions that represent major steps forward for energy efficiency. The White [...]

Urgent Call for Plan on Climate Change in Ireland

Pressure is mounting on the Government to produce a workable plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions following the latest [...]

U.K. Labour, Green Parties Call for Power Sector Carbon Goal

Britain’s opposition Labour and Green parties joined a push for the government to impose a carbon target on the [...]

Energy Bill means a new sunrise for renewable energy

A new Energy Bill, two years in the making, will triple investment in renewable energy and mean the end [...]

A Progressive Carbon Tax Will Fight Climate Change and Stimulate the Economy

Superstorm Sandy. Massive droughts. Devastating tornadoes. Horrific wildfires. The United States has certainly seen the dramatic weather-related effects of [...]

How Obama and Congress Could Find Common Ground on Energy

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Onshore wind subsidy lowered by 10%

The subsidy for onshore wind energy generation is to be cut by 10%, the government has announced. The Treasury [...]

Bangladesh approves Clean Energy Act, 2012

The Cabinet on June 18 approved the draft of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority Act, 2012 aiming to [...]

House of Representatives passes bill to choke off Energy Department financing

Republicans in the House of Representatives quietly passed 13 provisions last week that would choke off Energy Department financing [...]

Mexico signs Climate Change law

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has signed into law climate change legislation that will bind the country to significant cuts [...]