Jigar Shah’s Plan to Manage DOE’s $40B Loan Program

The solar PPA pioneer and “infrastructure-as-a-service” investor has been selected to revive the program that boosted Tesla and utility-scale [...]

DOE Announces $100 Million in Funding for Clean Energy Solutions Supporting Biden’s Climate Agenda

The Biden-Harris Administration is initiating an ambitious innovation effort to create American jobs while tackling the climate crisis, which [...]

A New Vision for US Wind Power

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Program, in close cooperation with the wind industry, is launching a new [...]

“No More Solyndras Bill” is back

It appears that the rebellion by some Republican Congressmen last week against the “No More Solyndras Bill” has been [...]

New rules could boost New England renewable power

New England is decidedly short on coal mines and oil wells, but electricity grid watchers say a recent federal [...]

Report finds U.S. states energy policies improving

U.S. states are continuing to embrace best practices and drive further improvements in core renewable energy policies, according to [...]

Nuclear concerns in Japan cause policy shocks internationally

The partial nuclear meltdown in Japan is causing mixed reactions for policy makers around the world, as they respond [...]

Innovating a clean energy future

By: Bryant Cannon, Legal Researcher “In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives. It is how we make our [...]

Agencies to expedite new transmission lines

A memorandum of understanding between nine federal agencies designed to make it faster and simpler to build transmission lines on federal [...]