Governor Phil Bryant on Mississippi’s new energy proposal

Gov. Phil Bryant stressed the importance of Mississippi’s thriving energy sector in Biloxi today at the Gulf Coast Energy [...]

Arizona energy bill would give lawmakers a say in state energy policy

Republican lawmakers in Arizona are moving to grab control of energy policy from state utility regulators in a political [...]

Florida must get serious about renewable energy

A year later and with only days left in the 2012 session, Florida may once again try to pass [...]

Australia Launches Clean Technology Investment Program

This week, the Australian Government launched a program that will provide $1 billion in funding for manufacturers to improve energy efficiency [...]

US Virgin Islands Launches 15-Year Energy Policy to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 60%

Targeting new, emerging technologies in locations and environments where they can make the greatest impact makes a lot of [...]

Renewable advocates support Florida energy bills

A bill (HB 7117) that cleared the House Finance and Tax Committee on Wednesday and a similar measure (SB [...]

Renewable energy can augment dwindling resources

What will we do when petroleum fuel gets even more ridiculously expensive and hard to find? That scenario may [...]

KPMG Refuses to Publish Controversial Green Energy Report

KPMG is refusing to publish the full findings of a controversial study examining the cost of the government’s green [...]

Alaska Legislators mull $500 million renewable energy fund extension

Since its inception in 2009, Alaska’s Renewable Energy Fund has funneled tens of millions of dollars to renewable energy [...]

Life After the 1603 Grant: The Road Ahead

In 2009, the federal government passed ARRA, and the 1603 Investment Tax Credit (ITC) cash grant program with it. [...]