EU Wind, Solar Grow 65% in Four Years

Since the current European Commission took office in 2019, EU wind and solar capacity has grown by 65% (+188GW), [...]

EU Passes Law to Boost Green Tech Production

EU governments have formally approved a new law designed to increase the production of solar panels, wind turbines, heat [...]

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Team Up to Export “Green Energy” to Europe

Azerbaijan has significant potential for developing renewable energy sources. Kazakhstan, aims to become a “green” energy hub by using [...]

EU to Target Industry, Transport in Renewable Energy Rules

An upcoming overhaul of European Union renewable energy regulations will include measures targeting transport and industry, where the use [...]

Meeting Europe’s 2030 Energy Climate Goals: Renewables To Command 53% Of Electricity In 2030

Wood Mackenzie projects that renewable energy will meet 53% of Europe’s power supply in 2030. If Europeans deliver their individual [...]