Mexican Senate passes national climate law after passing the House: continuing to act at home

The Mexican Senate passed the national climate law that recently passed the Mexican House.  The bill now awaits the [...]

Ohio: Energy law works

FirstEnergy Corp. doesn’t want to develop renewable energy, but the electricity provider has grudgingly agreed to invest in it. [...]

Bipartisan US Senate bill would extend wind tax credits by two years

Seven US Republican and Democratic senators on Thursday introduced a bill that would extend for two years the federal [...]

Washington state plan expands renewable energy law

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire on Wednesday signed a bill that for the first time broadens the definition of renewable [...]

Renewable industry leaders call for production tax credit extension

Executives from the hydropower, geothermal and biomass industries have called upon the U.S. Congress to extend the production tax [...]

Launch of feed-in tariff raises expectations for Japan’s PV market

The start of the new scheme–the ‘Renewable Energy Bill’ (‘Bill on Special Measures for the Procurement of Renewable Energy [...]

Japanese Energy Policy After Fukushima

On December 16, 2011, the government announced that the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant finally achieved a [...]

Governor weighs changes to Washington clean-energy law

Large utilities in Washington state will soon have to get at least part of their power from new renewable [...]

IEA: Renewables fastest growing energy sector

Renewable energy is now firmly entrenched as the world’s fastest growing energy sector, according to a major new report [...]

California’s energy policy continues to provide valuable lessons going forward

Energy efficiency continues to be the cheapest, cleanest, fastest source of energy available today. Take California for instance. Over [...]