POWER Digest July 2014

Chile Banks on Renewable Capacity Expansion, Energy Efficiency. Chile in mid-May released a $650 million investment plan to reduce [...]

Germany Ups New Green Energy Surcharge on Industry to Meet EU Rules

Germany on Tuesday offered to change a planned reform of its renewable energy policy, trying to end a standoff [...]

American and German Approaches to Energy-Climate Policy

Germany’s energy transition, or Energiewende, offers lessons for the United States, just not the ones typically cited on this [...]

Germany’s Renewable Energy Law Is About to Look More American

The next phase of Germany’s energy transition takes competitive markets into account. As cost pressures mount in the German [...]

The Money Problem With Germany’s Renewable Energy Law in 3 Charts

The world’s solar leader grapples with how to make its solar policies financially sustainable. As the German government gets [...]

German Bill Revises Energy Tax Concessions For Industry

The German Cabinet has approved a bill to modify the nation’s renewable energy law (EEG) to bring renewable energy [...]

BSW-Solar to Challenge Proposed Solar PV Self-Consumption Charge in Court

Germany’s Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) has announced that it will challenge government plans to impose the surcharge according to [...]

Germany Moves Forward on Renewable Energy Plan

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government approved legislation on Tuesday revamping Germany’s sweeping plan to generate more than 40 percent of [...]

Germany Clears Changes to Green Energy Law

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed yesterday to revamp Germany’s green energy laws to curb the high cost of power [...]

Fracking Is Not a Good Alternative to Germany’s Renewable Energy Policy

Over the past few months, oil and gas expert Daniel Yergin has become a critic of the Energiewende, Germany’s [...]