Germany’s Energy Reforms to be Outlined Next Week

Germany’s new economy minister will outline reforms to Germany’s renewable energy policy – one of the most challenging tasks [...]

Merkel Challenges EU On Renewable Energy Tax Break

On a confrontation course with Brussels, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to defend the renewable energy tax (EEG-Umlage) [...]

Germany’s Chemical Industry Defends Renewable Energy Tax Break

Chairman of German Chemical Industry Association IG-BCE, Michael Vassiliadis, has warned that plans to abolish the renewable energy levy [...]

Renewable Power in Germany Gets Boost from Merkel’s Re-election

The good news? Germany is the largest energy consumer in Europe, not including Russia, and the seventh largest energy [...]

RWE’s Renewables Unit Calls For More Reform of German Energy Policy

Germany urgently needs to press ahead with reforming its energy market, but a series of elections, including general elections [...]

Key offshore wind liability law is passed by German Bundestag

Germany’s Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, on Thursday approved a law intended to jump-start the country’s stalled offshore [...]

German Law Gave Citizens a Stake in Clean Energy Switch

“What an eyesore, huh?” the man standing next to me on the beach said, nodding in the direction of [...]

UK Lawmakers Reach ‘Landmark Deal’ On Renewable Energy Support

After months of haggling over the costs related to subsidizing renewable energy, the UK Energy and Finance ministries have [...]

Germany plans to be 100 per cent Renewable by 2050

Fully twenty five percent of Germany’s energy pie is now renewable energy – compared to six percent in the [...]

German Environment Minister plans to reform Renewable Energy Act

With a focus already on federal elections in September 2013, German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier wants to push a [...]