Michigan’s New Energy Law Gives State More Options

“Michigan is going to control its own energy future.” That’s Michigan Agency for Energy Executive Director Valerie Brader, describing [...]

Michigan Begins to Unroll New Energy Laws, Study Distributed Generation Costs

A two-year legislative process to reach compromise on wide-ranging energy bills in Michigan will now turn into a two-year [...]

3 Republican Governors Embrace Clean Energy’s Economic Promise

Last month, the U.S. inaugurated a new president who has vowed to abandon the landmark Paris climate agreement and roll back bedrock American [...]

Michigan State Legislation Calls for More Renewable Energy

Legislation that some say could increase the number of wind turbines in rural areas and end energy choice has [...]

Michigan Senate Passes Energy Overhaul with 15% Renewable Mandate

The Michigan Senate on Thursday adopted a plan to overhaul the state’s energy policy, keeping a 10 percent cap [...]

Michigan Report: DTE, Consumers Rank Middle of Pack Nationally for Renewable Energy

Rankings show Michigan-based utilities perform better on energy efficiency Michigan’s two largest electric utilities are generally solid performers when [...]

Sun Doesn’t Set on Michigan’s Energy Law

Key provisions in Michigan’s energy law will continue into the new year, despite requirements that electric utilities meet renewable [...]

Electricity Customers in Michigan Could Choose How Much Renewable Energy They Want Under Senate Plan

Michigan customers could decide how much renewable energy they purchase under a much-anticipated Senate energy plan. The energy proposal [...]

DTE Energy Issues RFP for Voluntary Solar Program

DTE Energy Co. has issued a request for proposals for multiple solar-generating plants in Southeast Michigan that would range in [...]

Michigan Dems File Bills to Double Renewable Energy, Efficiency Standards

Brief: Democrats in Michigan’s House and Senate have introduced a package of bills aimed at boosting the state’s clean [...]