Michigan Lawmakers Advance PACE-like Loans for Homeowners

There’s at least one bipartisan piece of legislation moving through Michigan’s lame-duck session: A streamlined loan program for residential [...]

Three State Legislators Want To Kill Michigan’s Popular Clean Energy Law

Three state legislators in Michigan have put together a bill to kill the state’s renewable energy mandate, while their [...]

Updating the Renewable Energy Standard in Michigan

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Bill Would Open Up Competition In Michigan’s Electricity Market

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Gov. Rick Snyder Outlines Broad Vision for Michigan’s Energy Policy

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Green Energy Fees Disappearing From Utility Bills

Four years after raising customers’ bills to meet mandates to sell cleaner power, Michigan’s biggest utilities are eliminating the [...]

How did the ‘Green Energy’ law did in terms of jobs?

In 2008, when then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the state’s mandated alternative energy law, she said a $6 billion investment [...]

Michigan Energy Michigan jobs pushes for RE measure

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Michigan: Tax credits for “Green Buildings”

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