New Hampshire Looks for Ways to Pay Battery Owners for Benefits They Provide

A new state law asks regulators to investigate options for compensating energy storage projects for avoided distribution and transmission [...]

N.H. Legislators Push Policy of Renewable Energy As Post-Coronavirus Economic Solution

Democratic state lawmakers say they’ll push for renewable energy development as part of the economic recovery from COVID-19. State [...]

In Wake of Net Metering Veto, Sununu Seeks Compromise

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a renewable energy net metering bill was just the latest entry in [...]

Controversial Clean Energy Bill in NH Becomes Law Without Governor’s Signature

Measure seeks to boost wood, solar industries. Senate Bill 129, a measure that gives a boost to the state’s [...]

Reviewing the NH Legislature’s Energy Accomplishments

While there were plenty of bills up for a vote, very few were enacted With the conclusion of the [...]

Maine Solar Customers to Receive Lower Bill Credits Starting in 2018

The solar policy battle will now move to the state legislature. The Maine Public Utilities Commission has approved a [...]

New Hampshire Sticks With Solar Net Metering, Which Voters Support

Last Friday, Governor Maggie Hassan joined ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe at Throwback Brewery in North Hampton for a ceremonial [...]

Hassan Signs Solar Bill into Law, Giving Boost to Renewable Developers

Solar power in New Hampshire cleared a major hurdle Monday after Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill into law [...]

New Hampshire Gov. Hassan Pushes Lawmakers for Expansion of ‘Net Metering’ Program

Gov. Maggie Hassan urged lawmakers to expand a state program that rewards homeowners and businesses using solar panels to [...]

Candidates, Take Note: New Hampshire Voters Strongly Support State Clean Energy Policies

Recent surveys offer revealing insights into voter attitudes in the northeast U.S. toward state policies that expand the use [...]