US policy outlook for renewable energy

The United States went to the polls on November 6. President Obama was returned to another four years in [...]

White House: Oil companies don’t need ‘wasteful’ tax breaks

The White House officially endorsed a Democrat-backed bill to repeal billions of dollars in oil industry tax breaks Monday, [...]

Legislation introduced for National Clean Energy Standard

Legislation introduced this morning would set the first national standard for clean energy in the US.   Senate Energy [...]

SEIA and Solar Alliance merge to focus on state policy issues

The country’s top solar industry trade association announced Tuesday it is merging with an organization that advocates for solar [...]

Obama speech, job plan promote renewables but differ on attention to bio-fuels

President Barack Obama received scores of accolades for his mention of bio-fuels in his speech to the US Congress [...]

Biden calls for new clean energy policy for US

The United States can’t lead the world in the 21st century with its current energy policy, Vice President Joe [...]

Wind Industry rallying for tax extension

So far 2011 has been a good year f0or wind energy projects. Installations in the first six months of [...]

New clean energy incentives on the horizon?

Hoping to find a way around the current political impasse on climate change and energy policy, a former top [...]

On the BP Spill Anniversary — Has anything changed for clean energy?

On the anniversary of the BP oil spill, cleantechies can take a look back at the progress made in [...]

Obama reiterates strong support for clean energy

WASHINGTON — Speaking at Georgetown University, Obama reiterated today his commitment to renewable energy and reducing our dependence on oil. Citing [...]