Top Senate lawmakers see chance to revamp US energy policy

The United States needs to update its energy policy to reflect the boom in natural gas and oil production [...]

Will the new bill increase US energy sector competitiveness?

Renewable energy companies could get some of the same tax and funding benefits that fossil fuel companies enjoy under [...]

Energy and economic development measures become a law

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has signed into law bills that are aimed to move Hawaii forward in reducing its dependence [...]

New tax break strategy for green energy

If you can’t beat Big Oil, join ’em. That’s part of a pragmatic new green energy strategy that seeks [...]

Hawaii bills aim to reduce oil use, energy costs

Legislation before Hawaii’s governor could expand geothermal energy production across the state. The pending measures could increase the geothermal [...]

Mexico leading the way for energy change

Mexico’s Climate and Energy Law Canada and the US should take a closer look at their southern sister nation’s [...]

The end of clean energy subsidies?

The federal government has given generously to the clean energy industry over the last few years, funneling billions of [...]

GOP congressional reps ‘energized’ over legislation

Three Republican members of the Colorado congressional delegation have proposed three bills to streamline and enhance domestic energy production. [...]

Governor Phil Bryant on Mississippi’s new energy proposal

Gov. Phil Bryant stressed the importance of Mississippi’s thriving energy sector in Biloxi today at the Gulf Coast Energy [...]

Wind power still gets lower public subsidies than fossil fuel tax breaks

Public subsidies for the development of wind power in the UK are dwarfed by the tax breaks enjoyed by fossil fuels, a [...]