What has policy brought us in California?

Government support for renewable energy is a subject of national debate. In particular, many are scrutinizing the Federal Production [...]

PA Governor says yes to shale but no to solar

This December, the Corbett Administration will start handing out up to $20 million of taxpayer dollars over the next [...]

Massachusetts hopes RE development through new bill

A bill passed this past week by the Massachusetts Legislature will help develop hydroelectric power within the state. The [...]

Utilities on track to meet RE goals: California Public Utilities Commission

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced today that the state’s largest utilities have met interim goals for renewable [...]

California bill seeks social justice through renewable energy

In recent years, California has been at the forefront of embracing clean tech and implementing legislation focused on sustainability. [...]

Maine: Governor proposes energy package

Gov. Paul LePage has delivered his promised energy plan for Maine, in the form of four bills he wants [...]

Manhattan Institute flunks energy policy 101

Last week, the Manhattan Institute issued a report that pretends to be a serious analysis of the impact of [...]

Vermont: Administration produces renewable portfolio standard proposal

Two months into the legislative process, the Vermont Department of Public Service weighed in this week with a proposal [...]

Florida must get serious about renewable energy

A year later and with only days left in the 2012 session, Florida may once again try to pass [...]

Ohio: Jordan wants to scrap energy benchmarks

State Sen. Kris Jordan, R- Powell, testified last week on a proposal to eliminate benchmarks designed to encourage the [...]