Scotland Generates Over 100% of Electricity From Renewables

Data from the Scottish Government shows that green power sources produced more than enough electricity for the country’s demand in [...]

Scottish Renewables Slams ‘Retrograde’ Planning Proposal

Trade group Scottish Renewables has criticised proposals by Scotland’s government to remove sustainability criteria from planning rules, describing the [...]

Scotland Launches Offshore Wind Leasing Round

Crown Estate Scotland today opened the first of a series of leasing rounds for offshore wind projects that will [...]

Scotland to Reach This Year 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Fossil fuels are one of the main drivers of climate change, so shifting towards renewable energy is one of [...]

Scottish Government Unveils £20 Million Fund to Bolster Public EV Charging Infrastructure

Over £20 million will fund the installation of 800 new charge points across Scotland in a bid to increase [...]

Scottish Power to Invest in Solar Energy for the First Time

Big six firm to focus exclusively on renewables, adding solar power to its windfarms Scottish Power, one of Britain’s [...]

Scotland and Wales Environment Ministers Band Together on Brexit Strategy

Environment ministers from the two nations pledge to work together to protect devolved green agendas Environment ministers from Scotland [...]

What Scotland’s Renewables Record Means for the Grid

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Could Scotland be 50% Renewable by 2030?

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In Scotland, Sturgeon Hopeful of Climate Deal, but Returns from Summit to Attacks Over Renewables Policy

Nicola Sturgeon has said she is “cautiously optimistic” that a global deal on climate change is imminent, but returned [...]