Hawaii is Ahead of Schedule for Renewable Power Adoption

The state demanded 30 percent renewable energy by 2020. The electric utilities blew past that. The state of Hawaii [...]

Kauai, Hawaii to Hit 80% Renewable Power With Solar-Charged Hydro Storage

A pathbreaking project from AES will combine solar generation, batteries and multiple reservoirs and hydro generators. Hawaii’s island of Kauai [...]

Italy Extends 110% Fiscal Break for Rooftop PV Linked to Building Renovations to 2022

The so-called “super bonus” for building renovation projects has been extended until the end of 2022. The Italian government [...]

Solar-Plus-Storage for the Cook Islands

Around 4.2 MWh of energy storage capacity will be connected to a solar and diesel micro-grid on Rarotonga, the [...]

Israel Launches 300 MW Solar-Plus-Storage Tender

The government wants a 300 MW solar plant linked to large scale storage in the Negev desert. Construction is [...]

Solar-Plus-Storage to Provide All the Daytime Electric Needs of the Pacific Island of Nauru

A 6 MW solar plant and 5 MW/2.5 MWh storage system are set to increase the share of renewable [...]

Aussie 10GW Solar-Plus-Storage Colossus Gets Government Backing

Australian authorities have rallied behind what is arguably the largest solar-plus-storage project to be conceived in the world’s history. [...]

Solar-plus-Storage Makes Tangible Difference in Puerto Rico Recovery Efforts

With a reported 150,000 homes and businesses in Puerto Rico still waiting for electricity since it was lost six month ago [...]

New Self-Consumption Law Expected to Spark France’s Nascent Home Storage Market

Analysts are expecting an increase in residential battery sales in France following the approval of a solar self-consumption law [...]

Record Low Solar Tariff in India Puts Thermal and Wind Power on Notice

The Rewa 750MW solar tender in Madhya Pradesh, India, saw tariffs plunge to a record low of INR 2.97/kWh [...]