Spain’s Renewable Energy Policy Goals and Accomplishments

Spain has made history by producing more than half of its electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar [...]

EU Green Recovery Plan Could Support 2.3 GW of Spanish Solar Project Capacity

U.K. consultant EY has spelled out investment projects across the EU which would be in line for support from [...]

Large-Scale Solar Deployment Picks Up in Spain

Solar is regaining speed in Spain after the Covid-19 crisis. Iberdrola is now building 150 MW, while Foresight recently [...]

Spain Just Approved A New Climate Plan, Including 100% Renewable Energy

Over recent months, it has appeared that the global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the climate debate aside. But Spain has [...]

Six EU Countries Join Call for 100% Renewable Energy Scenario

EXCLUSIVE: Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Spain have sent a joint letter to the European Commission calling for [...]

Spain Moves to Prevent a Second Solar Bubble

Grid-connection applications for solar projects are rising by 15 gigawatts a month in a country with 40 gigawatts of [...]

Reform Power Billing or Risk Hindering Clean Energy, Spain Told

Spain has an opportunity in its upcoming reform of electricity charging to clear hurdles for self-consumption and electric vehicles [...]

Solar Panel Systems Soar in Spain Thanks to Friendlier Regulation

Companies say they are being overwhelmed with demand after a government decree eliminated bureaucratic hurdles and installation prices dropped [...]

Balearic Islands to Be Powered by Renewable Energy in 2050

The Balearic parliament is today set to approve the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition that includes, among [...]

Vulture Funds Circle Spanish Solar as Windfall Looms

Spain may have to pay developers for retroactive cuts to feed-in tariffs. Spain’s solar industry is attracting foreign investors [...]