Disbursement of US Clean Energy Tax Credits

As a result of the clean energy climate law signed by President Biden in August, $369 billion in clean [...]

Bill Would Eliminate Renewable Energy Credit in Oklahoma

Proponents of renewable energy are disappointed in a bill introduced recently by a Cleveland County state representative. Rep. Bobby [...]

Amid Budget Shortfalls, Kansas Legislature Considers Slashing Tax Incentives for Green Energy

Renewable energy groups say two proposals in the Kansas Legislature would threaten the young industry’s existence by shortening a [...]

New York and California pass solar policies

The federal government may be dragging its feet when it comes to renewing or extending valuable US tax incentives [...]

Ebay installs solar panels after Utah lobbying victory

Ebay has installed its largest renewable energy project – a 665 kW solar installation at its Topaz data center [...]

Florida: Winners and losers – Some bills that passed, failed in the 2012 legislative session

Some bills that passed and failed in the 2012 session. Bills must be approved by Gov. Rick Scott. RECLAIMED [...]

23 Governors, 369 orgs throw support behind four-year PTC extension bill

Most recently, a broad, nonpartisan coalition of 369 members, including manufacturing, farm and business interests, issued a letter endorsing [...]

Climate policy initiative finds long-term, stable policy support key to reducing cost of financing renewable energy projects

Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs), Feed-in-Premia (FiPs), and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) met through long-term power or premium contracts, lowered financing costs [...]