A Late Christmas ‘tax extender’ gift for Renewable Energy

The US Senate’s “fiscal cliff” package wasn’t exactly eight maids a-milking–the traditional gift for the eighth day of Christmas–though [...]

Power policies needed to help promote renewable energy

Renewable energy needs help. Technological innovation has significantly reduced the cost of solar panels, wind turbines and other equipment, [...]

Iowa new state tax credit policy makes solar a better investment

There is, after all, something new under the sun — a tax credit that energy companies and lawmakers say [...]

How blue state policy is greening up red states too

Increasingly, red states are also benefitting from the development of local renewable energy to meet renewable energy standards (RES) [...]

California Gov. Brown signs renewable energy bill

Yolo County Senator Lois Wolk scored a win and a loss when Gov. Jerry Brown signed off on legislation [...]

Renewable incentives to stay

US Congress passed a major tax-cut deal that included a one-year extension of the incentive program for renewable energy [...]

California creates cleantech manufacturing equipment sales tax exemption

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law SB 71, a bill that will exempt green manufacturers from paying sales and [...]

Germany expected to cut feed-in tariff incentive law

The German government is expected to announce cuts to its renewable energy feed-in tariff incentive scheme later this week, [...]

Norway to usher in law diverting oil profits to renewables

The Norwegian government plans to introduce a law in the next parliamentary term forcing oil companies to pay 1% [...]

France, Ireland consider consumer tax on CO2

The French government plans next year to begin making heavy users of household and transport fuels bear more of [...]