Renewables Account for Almost Half of Turkey’s Installed Power

In just over a decade, Turkey has tripled its installed renewable capacity to 45,000 megawatts and invested nearly $40 [...]

Turkey Introduces Net Metering for Residential PV and New Rules for Unlicensed Solar

The government has finally issued a net metering scheme for solar systems not exceeding 10 kW of generation capacity [...]

Changes to the Electricity Law to Foster Growth in Turkey

Turkey is taking the necessary legislative steps to enhance its investment environment, ensure the security of its energy supply, [...]

Turkey Adds 553 MW of Solar in H1 2017

The country’s cumulative installed PV capacity has now surpassed 1.5 GW, while another 500 MW is expected to be [...]

Policy in Turkey Encourages Renewable Energy Generation

Turkey updated its policy on unlicensed renewable energy production in early October, making it possible for owners of small [...]

Turkish Parliament passes new renewable energy law

Turkey’s Parliament approved a law today that regulates the renewable energy resources market in Turkey. The new law limits [...]