UAE Solar Capacity to Increase Fourfold by End of 2025

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is capable of reaching its renewable energy targets thanks to a “robust” development pipeline [...]

UAE: Dubai Surpasses its 2020 Clean Energy Target by 7%

The latest 800 MW of the 5 GW solar field to go live takes Dubai past its 2020 clean [...]

UAE Revises Energy Strategy in View of Competitive PV Prices

Falling solar prices are leading to a new energy strategy for the United Arab Emirates as local energy companies [...]

UAE, U.S. and Israel to Develop Joint Energy Strategy

The US, UAE and Israel have announced their intention to work towards establishing a joint strategy for greater co-ordination in the energy [...]

UAE Becoming a Leader in Renewable Energy

The United Arab Emirates has an ambitious plan to become a leader in the Middle East in reducing reliance [...]

IRENA Holds First Legislators Forum to Discuss Renewable Energy Policy

Roughly 30 legislators, selected to represent all regions of the world, met in Abu Dhabi to support the transformation [...]

UAE Committed to Negotiations on Climate Change

UAE delegation at Paris summit highlights clean energy strategy among other efforts to tackle global warming The UAE is [...]