Reworked energy bill goes to AZ Senate

A Senate panel approved renewable energy legislation Wednesday that its sponsor conceded is designed to provoke a new legal [...]

Vermont: Administration produces renewable portfolio standard proposal

Two months into the legislative process, the Vermont Department of Public Service weighed in this week with a proposal [...]

Idaho utilities seek ownership of renewable energy credits

A bill that would require renewable energy credits to go to public utilities was introduced in the Senate State [...]

Wash. State Senate passes biomass bill

The Legacy Biomass Bill (SB 5575) has passed through the Washington State Senate with an overwhelming majority vote of [...]

Vermont: Committee starts over on renewable power bill

Legislation that would require utilities to purchase green energy will go back to the drawing board, according the chair [...]

Virginia: House GOP introduces job-creation agenda

The House Republican Caucus today unveiled their job creation agenda, a package of bills aimed at helping businesses secure [...]

Gov. Christie proposes alternative to solar energy legislation In N.J.

A major overhaul of the state’s energy industry was blocked last week because Governor Christie had concerns about how [...]

Virginia: McDonnell announces 2012 energy policy agenda

As part of his effort to make Virginia the “energy capital of the East Coast,” Gov. Bob McDonnell issued [...]

Launch of feed-in tariff raises expectations for Japan’s PV market

The start of the new scheme–the ‘Renewable Energy Bill’ (‘Bill on Special Measures for the Procurement of Renewable Energy [...]

Governor weighs changes to Washington clean-energy law

Large utilities in Washington state will soon have to get at least part of their power from new renewable [...]