Vermont Installers Worry About Changes to State Net-Metering and Federal Tax Credits

A developer says that changes to state net metering and federal tax credits will make projects harder to put [...]

Vermont Cap-and-Trade Bill Looks a Lot Like a Carbon Tax, Observers Say

An energy cap-and-trade bill introduced in the Vermont Senate could potentially add costs to all forms of non-renewable, carbon-based energy in the [...]

Senate Bill Aims to Turn Shumlin’s Green-Energy Goal into Mandate

Former Gov. Peter Shumlin envisioned that one day Vermont would get 90 percent of its energy from renewable sources while cutting consumption by a third. Now [...]

Vermont Legislature Updates Solar Energy Siting Bill in One Day; Governor to Sign it

The state Legislature emerged from a marathon special session on Thursday with an amended version of a renewable energy [...]

Vermont Governor Shumlin Considers Veto of Renewable Energy Bill

Lawmakers could return June 9 for special session Gov. Peter Shumlin says he has not decided whether he can [...]

Vermont Senate Approves Siting Bill, Snubs Towns and Wind-Turbine Sufferers

Senators approved a renewable energy siting bill on Thursday but shot down amendments favorable to towns, ratepayers and victims [...]

Vermont Panel Backs Bill to Keep Energy Projects Where They’re Welcome

Senators on the energy committee approved legislation Friday that subsidizes solar development in preferred locations and grants localities greater [...]

Vermont Lawmakers Brace For Contentious Renewable Energy Siting Debate

The renewable-energy industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Vermont economy. But the siting of solar and [...]

Gov Peter Shumlin Says Solar Development Should be Done on a Vermont Scale

Vermont must build future renewable power sources on a scale that fits with the character of Vermont towns, Governor [...]

New Vermont Law Mandates 75% Renewables by 2032, Targets Residential Emissions

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D) last week signed House Bill 40, a new law designed to reset Vermont’s renewables [...]