Solar Caps in SW Virginia

For the first time in history, the U.S. is on track to produce more electricity from renewable energy than [...]

Virginia Climate Law Spurs Significant Clean Energy Push at Dominion

Dominion Energy updated investors Tuesday on medium-term clean power generation development plans resulting from recent Virginia legislation that include [...]

Virginia Signs 21GW Renewables Target into Law

Virginia’s governor has signed into law targets for over 21GW of renewable generation and more than 3GW of energy [...]

New Laws Clear Away Barriers to Small Solar Projects

Virginia General Assembly members have an expression for when opposing interests agree on a bill: they call it “peace [...]

Virginia Becomes the First State in the South to Target 100% Clean Power

Over the last decade or so, Virginia has gradually transitioned from a purple to blue state. Now it will [...]

Sweeping Renewable Energy Bill Poised for Final Passage in Virginia

A sweeping energy bill that supporters said would make Virginia a national leader in addressing climate change passed the [...]

‘Historic’ Clean Energy Legislation Expands Solar, Threatens Coal in Virginia

What keeps the lights on in Virginia could change drastically over the next three decades. A bill being praised [...]

Virginia Lawmakers to Vote on Major Renewable Energy Bills

The Virginia House and Senate were prepared to vote Tuesday on sweeping energy legislation that would overhaul how Virginia’s [...]

Virginia Announces 420 MW Renewable Energy Agreement

Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., has announced an agreement for the Commonwealth of Virginia to purchase 420 MW of wind [...]

Virginia’s 100 Percent by 2045 Clean Energy Plan

2017 through 2021 has a goal of 7% of Base Year Sales at 3,032 GWh per year.2022 through 2024 [...]