Washington State Moves Quickly to Implement Clean Energy Law

One of the most significant public policy decisions made by state law makers in 2019 was the Clean Energy Transformation [...]

Central Washington State Stepping Up to Produce Renewable Energy

As Gov. Jay Inslee pushes for carbon-free and renewable energy in the state, several projects are either underway or [...]

State Legislation in the US Friendly to Solar and Wind Energy

Eight states in the US passed legislation in an attempt to either make the permitting process easier for solar [...]

Evergreen Washington State Going Greener With Fleet of Clean-Energy Laws

Inslee’s signature clean energy bill requires the state to be coal-free by 2025, carbon-neutral by 2030 and use 100% [...]

Washington State Passes Law Requiring 100% Clean Energy by 2045

In addition to requiring 100 percent clean energy, Washington’s law mandates a coal phaseout by 2025 and requires that [...]

Washington State: 100% Clean Energy Legislation Passes House

“A completely clean and efficient grid will power us forward to building a 21st Century clean energy economy with [...]

Clean Electricity Rule To Phase Out Fossil Fuel Plants Passes WA State Senate

The measure would require utilities in Washington to stop buying electricity generated from coal by the end of 2025 [...]

DeBolt Aims to Ease Transition to Clean Energy in Washington State

The bill would: * Require electric utilities, by 2029, to use clean energy resources to meet all new energy demand. * [...]

Washington State Pioneers New Model for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy

Many businesses in Washington state want to use renewable energy. Starbucks, REI and Microsoft are all iconic brands in the Pacific [...]

Community Solar Comes of Age on the West Coast of the US

A neighbourhood solar experiment in Washington gains traction in other states. Nancy Lillquist was never optimistic that solar panels [...]