Cleantech Law Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Cleantech Law Partners is a renewable energy law firm founded to exclusively serve the legal and policy needs facing renewable energy project developers and cleantech companies. Our team of experienced cleantech attorneys, leading industry advisors and skilled legal staff have focused their careers on helping to grow the renewable energy industry and deeply understand clean technologies from both a legal and business perspective. From concept to commercialization, our team is committed to helping our clients navigate the rapidly changing regulatory landscape that governs the renewable energy and cleantech industry, and contribute to its overall growth and success. We welcome the opportunity to assist your company’s efforts to build a more sustainable future. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Cleantech Law Partners assists:

  • Renewable energy project developers
  • Cleantech startup companies
  • Wind farm developers
  • Installers of solar systems
  • Geothermal exploration companies
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Energy efficiency consultants
  • Companies developing sustainability polices
  • Cleantech venture capital funds
  • Producers and suppliers of biofuels
  • Owners of rooftop solar arrays
  • Green building contractors
  • Inventors of cleantech products
  • Banks involved in carbon finance
  • Manufacturers of solar cells
  • Government agencies & policy makers
  • Global climate change organizations
  • Investors in clean technologies
  • Indian tribes developing renewable projects
  • Applicants for renewable energy grants

Cleantech Law Partners provide the following renewable energy legal services:

  • Strategic business plan development and implementation
  • Feasibility study review and assessment
  • Special purpose entity and other strategic venture formation and structuring
  • Initial round equity offerings, private placements and public offerings
  • Debt financing, including development, bridge, construction and term loans
  • Acquisition, leasing and use of public lands including eminent domain issues
  • Environmental compliance and due diligence including ESA, Marine Mammal Protection Act, coastal zone protection and NEPA
  • Siting, permitting and land use counsel
  • Joint development agreements
  • Tax credit financing and planning including PTC and ITC
  • Green tag/renewable energy credit/RIN monetization, transfer and retirement transactions
  • Project finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions and strategic investments
  • Construction, equipment procurement, and operations and maintenance
  • Product and by-product marketing, distribution and sales, including power purchase agreements and steam supply agreements
  • Process power, water, fuel, steam host and cogeneration arrangements
  • Feedstock procurement, hedging and risk management agreements
  • Distributed generation portfolio financing and securitization
  • Interconnection and transmission agreements
  • FERC compliance
  • Taxation of utility property
  • Intellectual property, patents and technology licensing agreements
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Legislation and rule making
  • International transactions