Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Cleantech Law Partners’ Intellectual Property (“IP”) lawyers have a long record of protecting innovation. We take pride in devoting this expertise towards helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our team of attorneys counsel and assist clients in acquisition and protection of all forms of intellectual property. Cleantech Law Partners provides critical intellectual property law services that will help our clients realize their full market potential. Preparation, filing and prosecution of United States patents are all done with an eye toward maximizing protection. CLP also has experience with helping our clients navigate green oriented IP programs like USPTO’s green technology fast-track program a. Our Intellectual Property attorneys also help clients to register, transfer and protect intellectual property rights and assets nationally and globally. Our experience spans all types of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We’re equally skilled at counseling businesses on how to monetize IP assets as we are at fighting infringement by competitors or defending against claims that threaten your creations and investments.


Cleantech Law Partners is proud of its abilities to handle the national and international clearance, registration, maintenance and protection of trademarks for a vast number of organizations. We also prosecute and maintain thousands of trademark applications and registrations worldwide every year. Our team of attorneys is also well-versed in negotiating and drafting trademark transactional agreements on behalf of both licensors and the licensees. We assist our clients in securing and maintaining trademarks and brand names, trademark and title clearance, evaluation and opinions, and trademark policing and litigation. Cleantech Law Partners understands that a key component used in determining the value of a company is the ownership and rights of their intellectual property and provides its resources and expertise in maximizing effectiveness.

Nondisclosure agreements

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between at least two parties outlining how confidential material, information, or knowledge will be treated. Cleantech Law Partners assists its clients by addressing some common issues such as the parties to the agreement, definition of confidential information, disclosure period, exclusions of confidentiality, terms of the agreement, and circumstances of permissible disclosure (mandated by law or court order). In the event that information is revealed to another company or individual in violation of a valid confidentiality agreement, our team of attorneys assists the injured party to claim breach of contract and seek damages.

Trade Secrets

With ever-shortening business cycles, it may be prudent to avail oneself to trade secret protection as opposed to the patent issuance. Cleantech Law Partners has worked with its clients to establish appropriate procedures to secure their sensitive information. The firm’s success in this area has enabled clients to minimize the inappropriate disclosure of trade secrets. In the event a trade secret has been misappropriated, our team of attorneys is intimately familiar with the necessary procedures to minimize the disclosure and obtain compensation for the theft. We assist our clients with enforcement of non-disclosure agreements, copyright, unfair competition, theft of trade secret as well as other state and common law remedies. Moreover, Cleantech Law Partners uses its experience to address client concerns relating to their marketing and advertising efforts such as customer lists and unreleased product designs.

Licensing Agreements

Cleantech Law Partners concentrates on the domestic and international transfer of technology and other intellectual property rights. Combining our industry experience with our Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge create teams that are able to ensure that our clients engage in sophisticated licensing transactions which protect our clients IP rights. Our team of attorneys assists our clients setting the parameters of the licensing program, preparing and negotiating the license, counseling on when licensing should be undertaken and when the client may want to reserve rights without licensing, and the valuation of each of the IP rights being licensed. Also, to ensure that the licensor maximizes this effort, we evaluate the need for re-sale restraints, fielded use restrictions, and exclusive or non-exclusive arrangements.