Ocean, Wave & Tidal Energy Law

Wave, tidal and ocean energy technologies are just beginning to reach viability as potential commercial power sources. While just a few small projects currently exist, the technology is advancing rapidly and has huge potential for generating power. CLP’s experience with all renewable energy technologies allow us to be the perfect for ocean, wave and tidal energy companies.
Our clean energy law firm guides ocean, wave and tidal energy developers, investors, utilities and project owners as they work to grow this fledgling industry. And we are working hard to help our clients actualize the energy potential from the sea.


  • Ocean, wave & tidal energy related agreements
  • Permitting ocean, wave & tidal projects with state, federal and local agencies
  • Liaison with key decision makers and policy makers and organizations
  • Leasing & acquisition of land for ocean, wave & tidal projects
  • Ocean, wave & tidal energy companies developing new technologies and business models
  • Interconnection
  • FERC regulatory applications
  • Administrative hearings
  • Financing ocean, wave & tidal energy projects
  • Ocean, wave & tidal technology startups

Representative matters:

  • Advised tidal energy company on relevant permitting guidelines and requirements for installing a tidal energy project in Oregon
  • Assisted in series A financing of Ocean energy startup company
  • Represented conservation organization draft position paper on Ocean, wave & tidal projects in California