Pakistan Initiates a Policy to Pursue Clean Energy

Pakistan is struggling to overcome mounting debt, as well as the destruction caused by flooding last month.  Pursuing green [...]

India’s Clean Energy Policy Could Include a $2 Billion Incentive for Green Hydrogen

The 180-billion-rupee ($2.2 billion) incentive aims to reduce the production cost of green hydrogen by a fifth over the [...]

Canada’s Policy to Phase in Requirements for Electric Vehicles by 2035

The mandate fulfils a 2021 Liberal election promise. It’s the first major set of regulations to come out of [...]

Israel’s Energy Policy: Net Zero Carbon Emissions In Government Activities By 2050

Israel is joining a White House initiative to bring net carbon emissions down to zero by 2050 in all [...]

Morocco’s Energy Policy Includes Cooperation With Other Nations

Morocco has ambitious renewable energy goals.  It is broad and includes collaboration with other countries.  By 2030, Morocco aims [...]

EU Changes Policy Towards Renewable Energy Projects Due to “Overriding Public Interest”

In an effort to reduce the EU’s dependency on Russian energy, the EU has changed their policy towards renewable [...]

Egypt’s Renewable Energy and Investment Laws

Egypt’s Investment Law makes renewable energy projects eligible for tax cuts up to 30% of the total investment and [...]

New Offshore Wind Policy Commitments Made at COP27

A side benefit of attendance of COP27  has been the agreement of 9 new countries to join the Global [...]

The New US Climate Policy: Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative

The White House has developed a new initiative to help reach net-zero emissions.  Included in this new policy is [...]

Ireland: A Green Country Gets Greener

Wind power was responsible for providing almost 50% of Ireland’s electricity in October.  In an exciting announcement, Wind Energy [...]