U.S. Clean Energy Groups Jointly Commit To Reaching Majority Renewable Generation By 2030

Within a decade, more than half of the electricity generated in the U.S. will come from clean, renewable resources [...]

The US Wind Sector Toasts Trump’s New Love of Offshore

The Secretary of Interior said offshore wind will play “a big role” in energy policy. The U.S. wind industry [...]

US Wind Adopts a ‘New Attitude’ to Confront a Looming Downturn

AWEA unveils a new strategy for growth beyond 2020, as some fear the effects of Trump’s “fossil fuel fetish.” [...]

Oregon Moves Towards 50 Percent Renewable Energy

The US State of Oregon has decided to raise its state renewable energy law to 50 percent renewables by 2040, doubling [...]

Over 2,000 Organizations Call On US Government To Extend Tax Provisions, Including PTC

More than 2,000 organizations signed a letter last week calling on the US Government to extend a variety of [...]