California Sets $200M Budget for ‘Complex, Multi-Property Microgrid’ Projects

Utility funding for community resilience against fire-prevention outages doesn’t go far enough, microgrid groups argue. California regulators have approved [...]

Net Metering Policy Takes Center Stage in California

The nation’s biggest solar market now faces regulators’ biggest solar conundrum — the cost shift. California’s long-awaited proceeding on [...]

California’s Pathway to 100% Clean Electricity

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California CCAs Reach Milestone of 6,000 MW in New-Build Clean Energy PPAs

The California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) announced that Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) in the state have to date signed [...]

Governor Newsom’s Calls to “Fast-Track” California’s Clean Energy Plans

The American Wind Energy Association of California (AWEA-California) released this statement on behalf of Director Danielle Osborn Mills, following [...]

California Legislators ask Congress to Include Clean Energy in COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Facing soaring unemployment, ominous predictions for the 2020 wildfire season and the persistent threat of climate change, this week [...]

California Attorney General Opposes Unlawful Effort to End States’ Solar Incentive Programs

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Monday, as part of a multistate coalition, filed a protest against a petition by [...]

States Clean Energy Policies Remain Strong Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As consumers and businesses grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, which is already shifting daily load shapes and electricity demand, regulators across [...]

As of Jan 1st, All New California Homes Must Have Solar Panels!!

California’s home solar mandate is now in effect. All newly constructed single-family homes (and most low-rise apartment buildings) are [...]

California Energy Policy: Renewables on the Frontline

While California has some of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy targets, it also has some startlingly unique challenges. [...]