Estonia to Retract Pledge on Wind Energy Subsidy Limits

Estonia will keep an annual cap on the volume of wind energy eligible for subsidies, retracting a pledge to [...]

Top Senate lawmakers see chance to revamp US energy policy

The United States needs to update its energy policy to reflect the boom in natural gas and oil production [...]

Mexico signs Climate Change law

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has signed into law climate change legislation that will bind the country to significant cuts [...]

South Korea’s new climate law signals global momentum to curb climate change

By Jennifer Andreassen South Korea’s new climate law will establish a cap-and-trade system covering about 60 percent of the [...]

Massachusetts: Solar energy bill advances in Legislature

The state Legislature’s Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee this week advanced a clean energy bill that would increase the [...]

China to tax carbon emissions by 2015

China looks set to impose a direct tax on its largest greenhouse gas emitters by 2015, according to reports [...]

Pakistan: National energy policy

Reportedly, recommendations have been made to PM to increase gas prices by 34 percent from January 2012, impose levy [...]

CA: ARB passes final regulations for cap-and-trade program

After months of CEQA litigation and political lobbying, including an appeal to the California Supreme Court (previous article can [...]

Renewable energy target: a critical policy for Australia

The Renewable Energy Target is a critical policy that will help Australia develop natural clean energy advantages and reduce [...]

California: Greenhouse gas law aides state’s clean tech growth

California voters did the right thing last November when they rejected an effort to kill AB 32, our state’s [...]